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Bitcoin before the next big bang? SOPR metric gives hope

The crypto market under the auspices of the crypto key currency Bitcoin is currently showing signs of fatigue. The fact that The News Spy is lagging behind its ATH form is the springboard for the next bull run. The market update.

While the Bitcoin rate was able to catch up to 35,000 US dollars in yesterday’s trading, it is heading south again in a daily comparison

With a 24-hour minus of 5 percent, the largest cryptocurrency slipped to 31,672 US dollars at the time of going to press, leaving it over 13 percentage points in a weekly comparison.

The strong sell-off is reflected in the falling market dominance, which has fallen from the plateau at 72 percent at the beginning of January to the current 63 percent. Investors pulled over $ 100 billion from the digital currency in the last week of trading alone.

Since the Bitcoin exchange rate slowed just short of the US $ 40,000 mark on January 14, the market has been cooling off in a consolidation phase. However, a fluctuation range of around 7,000 US dollars in the last seven days shows that the market is still rumbling. If the cops were able to single-handedly dictate the Bitcoin route for a few more weeks, the recently sleepy bears get involved again and block an increase to the 40,000 mark. Bears and bulls are once again in a lively exchange of blows on the digital markets and let Bitcoin oscillate between resistance and support. According to the current Week-on-Chain report from Glassnode, the indicators speak for a Bitcoin outbreak in the long term.

Bitcoin profit margin

The on-chain analysts link the forecast to the spent output profit ratio (adjusted SOPR). This metric measures the profit of the transferred Bitcoin based on the difference between the buying and selling price. The realized profit, i.e. the output value, is divided by the purchase price. A value of over 1 means that investors sell Bitcoin on average for a profit. The sales price is then higher than the purchase price. Conversely, a value below 1 indicates that the sale of Bitcoin is associated with losses.

Bitcoin Previsão de preço à vista: A BCH sobe acima de US$ 400, o que esperar?

  • A previsão do preço à vista do Bitcoin prevê um aumento para $425.
  • A forte resistência está na marca de $410.
  • A forte resistência está na marca de $360.

A previsão de preço Bitcoin Cash da Sunny Hill Capital sugere que o par BCHUSD verá uma tendência de alta contínua após a confirmação da ruptura do canal ascendente. O altcoin subiu acima do nível de $400 no dia 3 de janeiro, enquanto seguia o Bitcoin enquanto subia com um movimento de alta emocionante logo após entrar no novo ano.

Análise de 1 dia de Bitcoin Cash price

O Bitcoin Cash é um dos altcoins que tem subido ao lado do Bitcoin BTC ao atingir outro recorde histórico no dia 3 de janeiro. O rei da moeda criptográfica atingiu a marca de US$ 34800 no terceiro dia do novo ano, enquanto que ultrapassou o tão esperado nível de US$ 30000 no dia 2 de janeiro. O Bitcoin Cash (BCH), juntamente com alguns dos outros principais altcoins, tem seguido a tendência de alta do Bitcoin. No momento em que foi escrito, o preço do ativo criptográfico era de US$ 411,94. O preço mais alto atingiu o BCH em 3 de janeiro foi de US$ 411,94.

Quanto aos técnicos, a maioria dos osciladores mostram uma tendência neutra enquanto se inclinam um pouco para o lado da compra. As Médias Móveis estão em uma posição de compra mais forte, pois dezesseis das dezessete Médias Móveis sinalizam uma condição de compra para a moeda criptográfica.

A linha MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) e a linha de sinal estão subindo no período de 1D enquanto o tamanho do histograma também está aumentando na região positiva. Isto significa que a moeda criptográfica tem um grande viés de alta.

O Índice de Força Relativa (RSI) estava em 72,30 na hora da escrita, que é a região sobre-comprada. O volume de comércio parece ser alto para o par comercial BCHUSD. A faixa superior do Bollinger está sendo testada pela moeda criptográfica com a linha média como suporte, o que também indica uma tendência de alta no período de 1D.

Bitcoin Previsão de preço a dinheiro: O que vem a seguir?

O analista da Trading View Sunny Hill Capital esboçou um grande up-channel que o par BCHUSD vem seguindo desde setembro de 2020, e a moeda criptográfica testou sua parte superior duas vezes no quarto trimestre de 2020.

No primeiro trimestre do canal ascendente, o preço viajou fora de um padrão de cunha ascendente e a moeda criptográfica observou movimentos laterais mais próximos ao limite inferior do canal principal. Na terceira semana de novembro, quando o mercado de criptogramas subiu, o preço observou um aumento abrupto até o limite superior do canal.

Esperava-se que a moeda criptográfica atingisse novamente o limite superior do canal. No dia 3 de janeiro, a moeda criptográfica atravessou o limite superior do canal ascendente. A ordem de stop-loss foi marcada em $330,26 nesta previsão de preço Bitcoin Cash, enquanto o preço alvo final estava no nível de $409,87. A moeda criptográfica passou deste preço alvo e atingiu o nível de $417 durante o comércio de 24 horas.

Pela previsão do preço Bitcoin Cash, as duas metas superiores ficam em $442 e $482, ambas acima do canal ascendente. A moeda criptográfica pode ver alguma correção depois de passar acima do canal, mas se o mercado criptográfico permanecer estável e em alta, então espera-se que o preço aumente mais para o altcoin.

Bitcoin Unit to Real and Dollar Converter

With Bitcoin getting more expensive, conversion tool helps find other measures

A satoshi represents 0.00000001 bitcoin(BTC), the smallest bitcoin fraction being registered in the blockchain. It is the smallest and best known bitcoin denomination and its name is a tribute to its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

However, besides satoshi, there are other Bitcoin units that are also used, such as bitcent (cBTC), milibit (mBTC), bit (μBTC), finney, and even millisatoshi (msat). Converting between these units can be confusing, especially when converting to the Real or Dollar. In such cases it is possible to use a conversion tool, such as the Bitcoin Unit Converter.

To convert between the units just type a value in any field that the other fields are calculated and filled automatically. The tool also converts between real and dollar. If you need more currencies, just click on the international version with support for 170 currencies.

The Bitcoin Unit Converter

Do you want to know how many satoshis are 100 reais? Or how many dollars is 10 mBTC (0.01 BTC)? Just type the values on the screen, you will see a screen like this, updated in real time:

Bitcoin Satoshi Real and Dolar Conversion
Screen of the Bitcoin Unit Converter, showing how many satoshis, finneys, mBTC, cBTC, BTC and USD are worth 100 reais. Source: Bitcoin Unit Converter – bitcoin
Below is a brief description of the most famous units.

bitcent (cBTC) and millibit (mBTC)
The mBTC is definitely a well-known unit. Many portfolios allow the display of the balance in mBTC. One mBTC is equal to 0.001.

Another unit that has recently gained much prominence is the cBTC, or bitcent. A bitcent would be the equivalent of 0.01 BTC, or one bitcoin cent. Although it is an interesting unit, for the idea of a bitcoin centavo, it is not much used.

In honor of Hal Finney, Finney.
Satoshi Nakamoto was not the only one honored with his name in units. Hal Finney (1956 – 2014) was a developer at PGP Corporation and cypherpunk. He received the first bitcoin transaction, directly from Satoshi Nakamoto. Finney received 10 bitcoins, still in 2009.

Like Satoshi, Finney was honored with a unit name. One finney is equivalent to 10 satoshis.

What are milisatoshis?
If the smallest fraction of bitcoin recognized in the blockchain is satoshi, what is milisatoshi that appears as a tool?

Lightning Network (LN) is an off-chain implementation that allows the formation of two-way payment channels, enabling cheaper and faster transactions. Because it is off-chain, i.e. outside the blockchain, LN allows transaction fees to be lower than a satoshi. One milisatoshi is 1000 satoshis.

Chainlink awards grants for blockchain-based microinsurance in Kenya

Kenyan farmers who will be excessively affected by climate change will receive insurance coverage through blockchain technology.

The Chainlink Community Grant Program, i.e. the funding program of the Chainlink crypto project, has announced that it will be awarding funding to the joint insurance project of the blockchain protocol Etherisc and the microinsurer ACRE Africa.

According to the corresponding announcement by Chainlink, a blockchain-based insurance platform is to be developed as part of the funded project, which will provide inexpensive insurance for almost 250,000 smallholders in Kenya. A large proportion of these farmers will probably be severely affected by the consequences of climate change in the next three years.

The planned platform is to offer insurance that can be claimed in the local currency with monthly contributions of just 50 cents

The Chainlink grant will be used to fund various aspects of the project. So the development of smart contracts and an easy-to-use user interface should be achieved with them, and integration into regional payment systems should also be created through them. In addition, the money can also be used for many other technical challenges.

In addition, part of the money is to flow into the financing of studies that examine the profitability of insurance payments for grain cultivation in African countries.

The aim is to find sustainable models that are worthwhile for both the insurer and the farmers

“We are pleased to be able to continue our work with the farmers in East Africa with the support of the Chainlink Community. The funds help us to expand and implement our low-cost insurance for farmers in cooperation with Etherisc, ”explains ACRE Africa CEO George Kura.

The project is part of a larger blockchain usage trend in Africa. At the beginning of the year, for example, the company Telokanda announced a blockchain project that would make the weather in West Africa traceable.

Bitcoin ist die Blase, die immer weiter gibt

Als der Preis für Bitmünzen in der letzten Woche über 13 400 US-Dollar stieg, ist eine alte Debatte wieder aufgeflammt: Ist es eine Blase und wird sie platzen?

Bitcoin wurde von Anfang an als Blase bezeichnet. Das Epitheton der Blase tauchte 2013 auf, als sie gerade einmal 266 US-Dollar betrug, und wurde seitdem fast jedes Jahr wiederholt.

Es schien dem konventionellen Investitionsverständnis zu trotzen. Aktienwerte werden durch Erträge und Anleihen durch Zinszahlungen untermauert. Bitcoin hat, wie Gold, kein solches Fundament. Wie erklären wir dann seine außergewöhnliche Leistung als aufstrebender neuer Vermögenswert?

Zwei Faktoren helfen dabei, dies zu erklären:

Seine breitere Akzeptanz, auch bei großen institutionellen Anlegern; und
Seine relative Knappheit (es werden immer nur 21 Millionen Münzen geprägt werden).

Fiat-Währungen wie der Rand und der US-Dollar leiden unter all den Schwächen zentral kontrollierter Währungen, die bis in die römische und sogar babylonische Zeit zurückreichen. Herrscher, die diese Währungen kontrollieren, scheinen sich einfach nicht helfen zu können – sie blasen sich schließlich in die Vergessenheit auf, indem sie mehr Münzen drucken und damit gegen das Knappheitsprinzip verstoßen, das der Kern allen gesunden Geldes ist.

Der US-Fondsmanager und Querdenker Peter Schiff, nie ein großer Fan von Bitcoin, twitterte letzte Woche: „Wenn man die Größe von Vermögensblasen anhand der Überzeugung misst, die Käufer in ihrem Handel haben, dann ist die Bitcoin-Blase die größte, die ich je gesehen habe. Bitcoin-Inhaber sind zuversichtlicher, dass sie Recht haben und sicher sind, dass sie nicht verlieren können, als es Dotcom- oder Hauskäufer während dieser Blasen waren“.
Bitcoin-Inhaber sind zuversichtlicher, dass sie Recht haben und sicher sind, dass sie nicht verlieren können, als es Dot-Com- oder Hauskäufer während dieser Blasen waren.

Hat Schiff Recht mit der Bitcoin-Blase? Es sieht so aus, als könnte er es sein, aber nicht so, wie er es sich vorstellt.

„Seit der Gründung von bitcoin haben viele intelligente Anleger beobachtet, dass es sich um eine Blase zu handeln scheint. Sie haben mehr Recht, als sie wissen. Wenn wir einen Blasenwert als einen Vermögenswert definieren, der im Verhältnis zum inneren Wert überbewertet ist, dann können wir uns alle monetären Vermögenswerte als Blasenwerte vorstellen“, schreibt Matt Huang in einer kürzlich erschienenen Forschungsarbeit für Paradigm.

Der Nobelpreisträger Robert Shiller bemerkte, dass Gold eine Blase ist, die seit Tausenden von Jahren besteht. Es hat einige industrielle Verwendungszwecke, aber sein Wert ist eine Frage des Glaubens. „Wir können uns Geld als eine Blase vorstellen, die nie platzt (oder die noch nicht platzt), und den Wert von Fiat-Währung, Gold oder Bitcoin als eine Sache des kollektiven Glaubens“, schreibt Huang.

Das Blockchain-Unternehmen Etherbridge weist darauf hin, dass das Bitcoin-Netzwerk seit Anfang 2019 die Zahl seiner aktiven Adressen von 550 000 bis August 2020 auf knapp eine Million fast verdoppelt hat. Die Nutzer kommen und finden Nutzen in dem öffentlichen Zahlungssystem, das bitcoin ist. Das Zusammentreffen von wachsender Nutzung, steigender Rentabilität der Minenarbeiter und starkem Sparverhalten der Investoren reiht Bitcoin für einen weiteren Bullenmarkt ein.

„Wir können uns Geld als einen Wettbewerbsmarkt wie jeden anderen vorstellen. Gold dominierte Jahrhunderte lang nicht zufällig, sondern weil es wichtige Eigenschaften wie Knappheit und Unverfälschbarkeit besaß. Heute dominieren Fiat-Währungen (von Zentralbanken ausgegebene Währungen) weitgehend durch lokale Monopolmacht, aber alle Geldvermögen konkurrieren nach wie vor weltweit, wobei Gold, US-Dollar und Euro als Währungsreserven bevorzugt werden.

Alles Geld beruht auf seinem „Netzwerkeffekt“ – der Zahl der Menschen, die es benutzen – als einem zentralen Wertbestimmenden Faktor. Es muss auch ein Wertaufbewahrungsmittel sein, leicht transportierbar und fungibel (jede Einheit ist die gleiche wie jede andere Einheit).

Preise in Kryptowährung nach Coinlib

Bitcoin erfüllt all diese Kriterien mit dem zusätzlichen Vorteil, dass es fast unendlich teilbar ist.

Huang sagt, dass jede Blase ein vertrautes Muster hat. Überzeugte Investoren beginnen zu kaufen, wenn Bitcoin langweilig und ungeliebt ist. Der daraus resultierende Anstieg des Bitcoin-Preises erregt die Aufmerksamkeit der Medien, was dann Investoren (oder Spekulanten) anzieht, von denen viele weniger überzeugt sind und kürzere Zeithorizonte haben. Dies treibt den Preis von Bitcoin in die Höhe, was die Aufmerksamkeit und das Interesse der Investoren weiter erhöht. Dieser Zyklus wiederholt sich, bis die Nachfrage erschöpft ist und die Blase abstürzt.

„Obwohl es für die Beteiligten schmerzhaft ist, führt jede Blase zu einem breiteren Bewusstsein und motiviert die zugrunde liegende Annahme von Bitcoin, wodurch die Basis der langfristigen Inhaber, die an das Potenzial von Bitcoin als zukünftigen Wertaufbewahrungsmittel glauben, allmählich erweitert wird“, so Huang.

Huang sagt, es sei unwahrscheinlich, dass Bitcoin den US-Dollar als führendes Tauschmittel und Rechnungseinheit herausfordern werde (zumindest in nächster Zeit). Stattdessen wird es sich wahrscheinlich einen Platz neben Gold als sinnvoller Teil vieler Anlageportfolios verdienen. „Dies hat bereits mit einer Gruppe von Frühaufsteigern begonnen und wir erwarten, dass sie im Laufe der Zeit auf einen breiteren Kreis von Investoren und Institutionen anwachsen wird. Irgendwann könnten die Zentralbanken Bitcoin als eine Ergänzung zu ihren bestehenden Goldbeständen betrachten.

Largest Bitcoin mineral North America buys another 10,000 new rigs

Marathon Patent Group has once again signed a contract with Bitmain.

They purchase 10,000 new Antminers to reduce Bitcoin (BTC). By July 2021, they will have more than 2.5 EH/s in their hands.

The total computing power of the Bitcoin Evolution network is currently around 130 EH/s. This means that Marathon wants to control almost 2% of the computing power. The largest mining pool of the moment is F2Pool, with 15% of the processing power. The hashrate, however, fluctuates constantly. It is a living number that can look very different in a year’s time.

Marathon Patent Group has been working hard in recent years as a miner. The new purchase concerns Bitmain’s S-19 Pro ASICs. A further 23,560 new rigs are expected to come in, some from previous orders. The 10,000 rigs recently purchased will not be delivered until 2021.

If they turn them all on, they will (according to their own words) be the largest mineral in the region. The total hashrate will then be 2.56 EH/s. This also puts them in the top 15 largest miners in the world.

The company is listed on the NASDAQ. They are active in Quebec in Canada. With the purchase of 10,000 new Antminers, they expect to be able to scale up enormously in the coming months. In the press release they share a prediction that they hope to reach the 2.56 EH/s in July 2021.

On the website the company shows with some pictures how massive such a mining farm is.

Calculation power

Each mineral they have ordered is good for 110 TH/s. With the investment they screw up their hashrate with as much as 1.10 EH/s. Currently they already have 2,560 miners on (see picture above).

In August they also ordered 10,500 new rigs from Bitmain. Add to that the 10.000 miners from the new order, and Marathon hopes to bring the total to 23.560 rigs in the coming months.

As of 2021, the company will receive the following shipments of S19 Pro miners from China:

  • 4,000 in January
  • 6,300 in February
  • 4,800 in March
  • 1,800 in April
  • 1,800 in May
  • 1,800 in June


One of the reasons for this investment is the rising price of Bitcoin. In addition to generating more profit per mined Bitcoin, it also gives investors confidence.

„We believe this investment creates value for our shareholders. The rise in Bitcoin’s price has also increased our confidence in the plans to grow.

Marathon also announced the purchase of Fastblock Mining at the end of August. As a result of this deal, they could halve the cost of mining Bitcoin. However, it never came to an agreement. In September, it became clear that the parties could not agree on a long-term contract for the required electricity.

Gemini crypto exchange: partnership with UK crypto payment processor

Gemini crypto exchange is streamlining fiat transfers for UK customers.

The crypto exchange Gemini from the Winklevoss twins is further expanding its regulated services for customers in the UK

On October 12th, Gemini announced a partnership with the BCB Group. BCB Group is a European crypto payment processor that already works with major platforms such as Crypto Revolt, Bitstamp and Galaxy Digital.

BCB Group focuses on institutional payment services, offering business accounts and crypto market liquidity for „crypto-engaged“ financial institutions. A key subsidiary of the group was officially recognized as an Authorized Payment Institution (API) by the UK Financial Regulator earlier this year.

As part of the collaboration with BCB Group, Gemini in the UK aims to offer its customers faster options for sending and receiving British pounds. The exchange will be connected to the BCB API. This simplifies the interaction of Gemini with various banks and fiat currencies and reduces the need for manual intervention in transaction processing.

The development will help Gemini to „secure access to real-time settlement infrastructure and enable us to integrate with our banking partners,“ said Blair Halliday, Head of Compliance for Europe at Gemini. A spokesman for the exchange told Cointelegraph that UK customers of Gemini can use the payment system Faster Payments, CHAPS and SWIFT transfers to make deposits and withdrawals in pounds and link their debit cards to Gemini accounts:

In particular, integrating with the BCB Group’s API will allow us to streamline the steps involved in processing these transfers to and from customer accounts

Gemini has expanded this year to Britain, where it by the FCA as registered crypto-asset company was recognized . The exchange had to meet certain conditions related to combating money laundering and terrorist financing. It has also obtained a license as an e-money institution in the country.

To advance digitisation, Bankia chose fintech The Logic Value

Bankia has chosen fintech The Logic Value for the development of financial solutions to help advance its digitalization

For the development of financial solutions that contribute to the advance of its digitalization, Bankia has chosen fintech The Logic Value. This was reported by Bolsamania, last October 2nd.

According to an article published by this web portal, the developments will initially focus on Bankia Asset Management, which is a group fund manager. However, they explained that in parallel, the design of new initiatives will be analysed, with other areas of the institution in mind. They cited examples such as risks and the capital market into the Bitcoin Era and other crypto currencies.

In the article, they explained that the following collaborated in this agreement: „Bankia Asset Management, the Markets, Securities and Investment Management Systems Directorate and the Corporate Innovation Directorate“.

„The relations between Bankia and The Logic Value began more than three years ago, when the Valencian startup participated in the first call for proposals of the innovation programme ‚Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia‘ in 2017“, they stated in the publication.

„Bankia’s corporate director of innovation and cybersecurity, Ignacio Cea, said that from the outset, Fintech has shown its worth in handling large amounts of market information,“ they later added.


  • Il Bitcoin è in una terra di nessuno in termini di prezzo, poiché è superiore a 10.500 dollari, ma rimane al di sotto della resistenza di 11.000 dollari.
  • La criptovaluta è ancora in un trend macro toro positivo, però, dicono gli analisti.
  • Uno dei motivi per cui questi analisti rimangono fiduciosi è che le tendenze macro favoriscono la crescita del valore del Bitcoin.
  • Uno di questi trend è la tendenza deflazionistica in corso in Europa, ha suggerito recentemente Dan Tapiero della 10T Holdings.
  • Tapiero è un toro d’oro di lunga data che ha recentemente messo a fuoco il suo Bitcoin e la crittovaluta.
  • Egli pensa che le macro tendenze abbiano il potenziale per portare BTC un ordine di grandezza più alto in questo ciclo.


Bitcoin è pronta a continuare la sua ascesa nei prossimi mesi e anni a causa delle tendenze deflazionistiche e dell’Europa, ha spiegato recentemente Dan Tapiero di DTAP Capital, 10T Holdings e Gold Bullion International.

La sua tesi alla base di questa affermazione è che questo porterà i tassi di interesse reali dell’Unione Europea ad aumentare, portando il valore dell’Euro più alto rispetto al dollaro americano. Questo dovrebbe portare Cryptosoft e oro più alti in quanto sono visti come una copertura contro i cali del valore relativo del dollaro americano.

„La massiccia deflazione strutturale in Europa sostiene il Bitcoin. Causa il rialzo dei tassi di interesse reali dell’Unione Europea anche se i tassi nominali sono negativi. Schiaccia le banche dell’Unione Europea. La Banca Centrale Europea trascina i piedi e forse ha le mani legate. Il dollaro scende mentre i tassi reali salgono più velocemente nell’Unione Europea che negli Stati Uniti“.


Questo è ben lungi dall’essere l’unico macro trend che Tapiero ha toccato che potrebbe portare ad un aumento degli investimenti in Bitcoin.

Commentando le tendenze della politica monetaria e come questo influenzerà le siepi come Bitcoin e l’oro, Tapiero ha commentato all’inizio di quest’anno:

„La liquidità globale massiccia che colpirà la mkts il prossimo anno“. Il grafico suggerisce #equity mkt a rischio di correzione nel quarto trimestre, quindi il più grande rally della nostra vita nel 2021. Velocità enorme e aumento dei prezzi quasi verticale possibile. Questa volta potrebbe essere guidata da #GOLD. #Bitcoin ne beneficerebbe anche #Bitcoin“.

Tapiero ha pubblicato un’immagine all’inizio di quest’anno che indicava che dall’inizio della pandemia, le banche centrali globali e i governi hanno iniettato 20 trilioni di dollari di stimoli. Questo stimolo, insieme ad ulteriori sforzi nei prossimi mesi, probabilmente svaluterà le monete fiat contro le siepi.

Europol: Criminal Activity vertegenwoordigt 1,1% van het Bitcoin-gebruik

Een rapport van Europol heeft onthuld dat slechts 1,1% van het gebruik van Bitcoin Investor verband houdt met criminele activiteiten, een vermindering van 94,5% ten opzichte van 2013. Deze enorme verschuiving is te wijten aan de opkomst van de Bitcoin-handel in de jaren daarna, maar het is niet allemaal goed nieuws – het rapport stelt ook dat privacymunten, portefeuilles en andere gerelateerde technologie een „grootste bedreiging“ vormen voor wetshandhavingsinstanties in Europa en dat cybercriminelen slimmer worden in de manier waarop ze met illegaal verkregen cryptocurrency omgaan .

Europol – Cybercriminelen worden slimmer

In het nieuwe rapport over georganiseerde misdaad op internet, genaamd de Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) 2020, stelt Europol dat cryptocurrencies „betalingen voor verschillende vormen van cybercriminaliteit blijven faciliteren“, waarbij ransomware de belangrijkste methode is en dat daders van dergelijke misdrijven hebben hun praktijken ontwikkeld om op privacy gerichte munten en diensten te gebruiken om autoriteiten te omzeilen.

Deze „privacy-verbeterde coinjoin-concepten“, zoals Wasabi en Samurai, worden steeds populairder bij illegale gebruikers van cryptocurrency, ondanks dat Chainalysis beweert transacties in en uit sommige van deze mixdiensten te kunnen volgen. Europol merkt op dat cryptocurrencies de „standaardbetaalmethode zijn geworden voor … ransomware en andere afpersingsregelingen“ vanwege hun „betrouwbaarheid, onomkeerbaarheid van transacties en een waargenomen mate van anonimiteit“.

Autoriteiten over de hele wereld hebben de afgelopen maanden geprobeerd dit fenomeen aan te pakken door blockchain-analysebedrijven in te huren om hen te helpen bij het volgen van fondsen die zijn verzonden met behulp van privacyverbeterende technologie.

Legaal gebruik van Bitcoin Dwergen Illegaal gebruik

Het Europol-rapport was echter niet helemaal slecht nieuws voor cryptocurrency, omdat ze onthulden dat legitiem gebruik van cryptocurrencies veel sneller is gegroeid dan illegaal gebruik:

In 2019 was de overgrote meerderheid van bitcoin-transacties gekoppeld aan investeringen en
handelsactiviteiten, dus ondanks aanzienlijk misbruik komt criminele activiteit overeen met slechts 1,1% van de totale transacties.

Volgens Europol’s eigen cijfers betekent dit een daling van 94,5% ten opzichte van 2013, toen sites zoals Silk Road de belangrijkste use case waren voor cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin-handel is zo populair dat het illegaal gebruik in de schaduw stelt, iets waar voorstanders erg blij mee zullen zijn, gezien de aanhoudende negatieve perceptie van Bitcoin in de rest van de wereld.