Bitcoin Unit to Real and Dollar Converter

With Bitcoin getting more expensive, conversion tool helps find other measures

A satoshi represents 0.00000001 bitcoin(BTC), the smallest bitcoin fraction being registered in the blockchain. It is the smallest and best known bitcoin denomination and its name is a tribute to its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

However, besides satoshi, there are other Bitcoin units that are also used, such as bitcent (cBTC), milibit (mBTC), bit (μBTC), finney, and even millisatoshi (msat). Converting between these units can be confusing, especially when converting to the Real or Dollar. In such cases it is possible to use a conversion tool, such as the Bitcoin Unit Converter.

To convert between the units just type a value in any field that the other fields are calculated and filled automatically. The tool also converts between real and dollar. If you need more currencies, just click on the international version with support for 170 currencies.

The Bitcoin Unit Converter

Do you want to know how many satoshis are 100 reais? Or how many dollars is 10 mBTC (0.01 BTC)? Just type the values on the screen, you will see a screen like this, updated in real time:

Bitcoin Satoshi Real and Dolar Conversion
Screen of the Bitcoin Unit Converter, showing how many satoshis, finneys, mBTC, cBTC, BTC and USD are worth 100 reais. Source: Bitcoin Unit Converter – bitcoin
Below is a brief description of the most famous units.

bitcent (cBTC) and millibit (mBTC)
The mBTC is definitely a well-known unit. Many portfolios allow the display of the balance in mBTC. One mBTC is equal to 0.001.

Another unit that has recently gained much prominence is the cBTC, or bitcent. A bitcent would be the equivalent of 0.01 BTC, or one bitcoin cent. Although it is an interesting unit, for the idea of a bitcoin centavo, it is not much used.

In honor of Hal Finney, Finney.
Satoshi Nakamoto was not the only one honored with his name in units. Hal Finney (1956 – 2014) was a developer at PGP Corporation and cypherpunk. He received the first bitcoin transaction, directly from Satoshi Nakamoto. Finney received 10 bitcoins, still in 2009.

Like Satoshi, Finney was honored with a unit name. One finney is equivalent to 10 satoshis.

What are milisatoshis?
If the smallest fraction of bitcoin recognized in the blockchain is satoshi, what is milisatoshi that appears as a tool?

Lightning Network (LN) is an off-chain implementation that allows the formation of two-way payment channels, enabling cheaper and faster transactions. Because it is off-chain, i.e. outside the blockchain, LN allows transaction fees to be lower than a satoshi. One milisatoshi is 1000 satoshis.