To advance digitisation, Bankia chose fintech The Logic Value

Bankia has chosen fintech The Logic Value for the development of financial solutions to help advance its digitalization

For the development of financial solutions that contribute to the advance of its digitalization, Bankia has chosen fintech The Logic Value. This was reported by Bolsamania, last October 2nd.

According to an article published by this web portal, the developments will initially focus on Bankia Asset Management, which is a group fund manager. However, they explained that in parallel, the design of new initiatives will be analysed, with other areas of the institution in mind. They cited examples such as risks and the capital market into the Bitcoin Era and other crypto currencies.

In the article, they explained that the following collaborated in this agreement: „Bankia Asset Management, the Markets, Securities and Investment Management Systems Directorate and the Corporate Innovation Directorate“.

„The relations between Bankia and The Logic Value began more than three years ago, when the Valencian startup participated in the first call for proposals of the innovation programme ‚Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia‘ in 2017“, they stated in the publication.

„Bankia’s corporate director of innovation and cybersecurity, Ignacio Cea, said that from the outset, Fintech has shown its worth in handling large amounts of market information,“ they later added.